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product arrow Alpha Pharma LETROMINA (Letrozole / Femara) 2,5mg x 30 tabs

Price Rp 1.200.000 Buy

Basically the Letrozole is a drug that has been developed for the fight against breast cancer by inhibiting the aromatization. It is generally used in the context of an aggressive treatment in post-menopausal women, to fight and reverse the spread of breast cancer after other treatments have failed (such as tamoxifen). This is probably the most effective product on the market at this moment, it is very similar in structure and action of its predecessor arimidex.
Letrozole also and especially a particular interest to bodybuilders and athletes. Firstly, it was proven that reduce estrogen levels to 98% or more. This is obviously a huge interest for bodybuilders. In fact, less of estrogen in the body eliminates the side effects of steroids such as water retention, gynecomastia, and acne. This makes Letrozole, one of the best anti-estrogen in the market, even for very difficult cycles. Also, if you make the Letrozole bodybuilding competitions helps to have a dry and striated muscle.
The effective dose for letrozole 2.5 to 5mg per day. If you exceed this dose, there may be a risk of loss of libido. More if you keep your estrogen levels too low for too long you will eventually weaken your immune system.
It should be noted that letrozole can also be used in post-cycle therapy to make a recovery. Indeed letrozole increases LH and FSH (which are hormones that boost your testes to produce more testosterone)
Letrozole is 2 to 5 times more potent than anastrozole (arimidex) and lasts lomtemps in the body, but takes awhile to start. You need to take letrozole for 60 days to obtain a balance in the blood plasma.
Even more impressive, letrozole can reduce or eliminate existing gynocomastie back!
In conclusion, letrozole is an anti-estrogen which protects complete recovery during and after the cycle, it eliminates the negative effects of steroids all providing an aesthetic advantage of quality muscle.

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