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This company is the real deal. Got my Clen 4-5 days after order. Top quality. Highly recommend. Will be ordering again for sure.

Dr David
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product arrow KEIFEI Clenbuterol 20 mcg 100 tabs

Price Rp 650.000
Rp 550.000


The safest, and easiest way to determine the Clenbuterol dosage, for both men and women, is to start at 20mcg first thing in the morning, with a large glass of water. After that, each person's dose will vary. If the user feels fine three hours later, they can take another 20mcg. If they feel fine again, they can bump it up to 60mcg for the day, and stay there. Users should try to keep their last dosage before 1pm... and if their sleep hours are different than a typical person, it can be adjusted accordingly. If the user feels severe jitters, sickness, etc., they can then drop the dosage down by 20mcg the next day, and stay there for a few days. Then try to incrase it again.

Eventually, a male user will try to slowly increase the dosage to 120mcg per day. Some go as high as 200mcg, but 120mcg is the highest recommended dosage. For women, 80mcg is high enough to see results. Users shouldn't worry if they don't get that high. 60mgc, for example, can work just as well as 120mcg. When the user finds a dosage they are comfortable with, they can skip the 20mcg inital dosage their next cycle (assuming they feel fine with 20mcg).

Clenbuterol should be cycled two weeks on, two weeks off. There are sevearl different theories regarding Clenbuterol, but this method has been the most proven. Some other theories are 1) two days on, two days off 2) just take Clen until it stops working 3) take Benadryl to prolong the effectiveness of Clenbuterol. But the simplest, and original method is two weeks on, two off, and an ephedrine based fat burner used during the off weeks, as it targets different receptors. When individuals are coming to the end of the two weeks, they should also cycle down the clenbuterol, the same way the they started. To get a better understanding, here is a two week day by day breakdown, of an example cycle:

Day 1: 40mcg
Day 2: 60mcg
Day 3: 80mcg
Day 4: 100mcg
Day 5-11: 120mcg
Day 12: 100mcg
Day 13: 80mcg
Day 14: 60mcg

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